The Rural Innovator Policy Leader Summit will help federal and state agriculture and rural development government officials and trade group leaders deepen their understanding of the benefits, opportunities and challenges of rural innovation. Applications Covered Include:

  • create a vivid shared vision of what it looks like, feels like and means for rural businesses, economies and quality of life
  • promote policies that can speed and amplify rural innovation
  • build a public-private community of Rural Innovators who can learn and grow together

Applications Covered Include:

  • Smart Farming for Row Crops, Specialty Crops, Dairy and Livestock
  • Ag Supply Chain IoT
  • Smart Clean Energy
  • Digital Health
  • E-Culture
  • Smart Homes & Buildings


Roughly 150 guests will be hosted to the inaugural event.

Hosting benefits include flights, discount hotel accommodations (as allowed), complimentary registration and meals as provided throughout the event. Hosted guests agree to attend the event from start to finish.


The Summit’s efficient 1.5-day agenda is packed with purpose and productivity. Session topics to come.

Day 1



Sponsor Collaboration Luncheon Roundtables

Lunch plus interactive roundtable to stimulate connections and collaboration among sponsor company staff.



Guests are seated in boardroom groups, introduce themselves and articulate goals for attendance, then tackle challenge questions together and report out to the 



3-year, 5-year, 10-year vision of rural innovation -- applications, productivity gains, economic impacts, quality of life changes and improvements, global innovation export opportunities, rural-to-urban and US-to-world export opportunities


Connections Reception

Cocktail mixer

Day 2



General Session

Deep dive on smart farm 3-5-year vision—applications primed for growth with enhanced broadband, government policies and programs that can help, required development of sales, installation and service channels


Boardroom Presentations

Sponsor presentations on applications ranging across smart farming, supply chain IoT, smart clean energy, digital health, Distance Learning, e-culture, smart homes and buildings


Boardroom Presentations


Boardroom Presentations


Boardroom Presentations


General Session

Deep dive on connected communities 3-5-year vision--—applications primed for growth with enhanced broadband, government policies and programs that can help, required development of sales, installation and service channels


Exhibits and 1-on-1 meetings (6 slots, starting at 2:30)

One hour free to browse with mandatory scheduled meetings starting at 2:30


Capstone Address

1-year plan for extraordinary progress on all fronts 


Next Steps Networking Reception

Birds of feather app or other digital or physical mechanism to help guests find peers and vendors who can help them tackle their top challenge. Potentially stations/bars erected for specific challenge/goal areas.

Sponsor Categories

The Summit will feature 25 sponsoring companies including leading manufacturers and service providers.

Broadband Infrastructure

Digital Health

Connected Homes & Buildings

Smart Farming


Distance Learning

Interested in sponsoring?

Ray Bianchi


Interested in being hosted?

Donna Kent